Antisocial Engineering (ASE) has been conceived for two reasons;

First, we love bikes and parts of bikes and spending our time turning them into something new and unique.

Second, and more importantly, ASE is our response to a need to assist youth who struggle within the mainstream education system, or have left the education system and are at risk of becoming typical disaffected youth.

We see a desperate requirement for an alternative approach and aim to provide a means to circumvent perceived antisocial behaviour by providing a place where youth can be involved in hands on, constructive and meaningful projects aimed to encourage their self confidence and develop life skills. This was the inspiration for the business name.

We struggled with conventional schooling until some staff members at the schools we attended tried something different.

Since that time we’ve never stopped learning, and together have qualifications as a mechanic, soldier, teacher, boat builder, IT systems admin and have experience in the building trades, retail and logistics.

ASE will work with parents, schools, service groups, social workers and the various Govt. departments to provide a way for youths to develop skills and confidence, opening up education and career options for the future.

To do this, discarded and scrap motorcycle and other components will be used to make eclectic items of “practical art”; such as desk lamps, rocking chairs and coffee tables. These items will be sold by ASE to provide ourselves with a modest income, and to ensure the financial viability and continuity of the enterprise.

We intend that AntiSocial Engineering will remain self funded and autonomous.
Staying at least arms length from the impositions and shackles of government interference.

Hence the name; we’re totally against Social Engineering.

Cheers, Ados and Jim

Ados (your left) and Jim.

We do the arty and customising stuff, and the firepots and spits.
And the cleaning up (sigh)


Handsome devils, aren’t we.


Chief procurer of bits n stuff. Singer par Excellence.
Keeps Ados in check.


She does… um… Sleeping, sun-baking and visitor greetings – better known as our Public Relations officer.



antisocial gear

Mens Tees
Ladies Tees
Fire pits
Rocking bike